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Yoga Terms and Definitions

Asana:  Sanskrit word for pose. The physical type of yoga that is a form of exercise. Used as a suffix in the Sanskrit names for yoga poses.  One of Patanjali's eight limbs of Yoga.

Pranayama:  Breath control. Although breathing is one of our involuntary bodily functions (it happens whether you think about it or not, if you are alive) we can also control the breath to some extent. Exercises in breath control, such as breath retention and deliberate methods inhalation and exhalation for specific mental and physical benefits are called pranayama.

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* Disclaimer
Yoga requires your complete attention. You are responsible for your own practice and knowing what is right for your body, breath and mind in the present moment. It is recommended that you practice with the guidance of a teacher you trust before trying more challenging postures on your own.  You will not reach enlightened any quicker by achieving the most pretzel-like pose you can find, and especially not if you injure yourself in the process!  For some, stillness is the most difficult pose.  Follow the guides inside of you.  Thank you for respecting your current limits and treating your body as the temple it is.

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